Here’s the trick to living an extraordinary life:

1. Write down everything you believe about living an extraordinary life.

2. Live that way.

3. Repeat.

perfect life

The most important thing in the world is to be who you really are.

You owe us that. The mask you wear—that normal, half-smiling, beer-drinking, weather-discussing, people-pleaser that you pretend to be—has been done before.

Show me your face.

Tell me a story of your idea. Paint me a picture of your craziness. Sing me a song of your inner world. I will not understand it, at first, but I will sit back and marvel at what has been brewing within you for all this time.

Don’t fuck with me. You are not regular. You are weird in all kinds of magnificent ways.

And that inspires me.

I do not want your lukewarm smile. I do not want your white bread words. I do not want to play patty-cake with your mediocrity.

Give me your claws or tears or blinding radiance.

Give me everything.

Show me your face.

I used to be a server in restaurants. I prided myself on my customer service and my ability to upsell unhealthy desserts.

The height of my career was when i graduated from a small mom n’ pop Italian joint to The Cheesecake Factory.

I had made it.

It was about 5 years into my career so I was a veteran then. I was way above the workplace drama of “Fuck that table, they didn’t tip me 15% and they asked for way too much ranch” and “Geez, Jessica is such a cokehead, she’s always in the bathroom and I have to run food for her tables.”

I was heavily into my Philosopher phase then. I would carry the Tao Te Ching in my apron and preach words of wisdom at any chance. When I would hear them bitch about tables, I would walk over and say something really profound like:

“Ask yourself how serving them ranch is like serving them love…”

One day, a new blonde server cut herself as she was slicing bread. Blood was squirting all over the cutting board and her freshly ironed apron.

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There is something unique in you that only you know.

You’ve heard it, felt it, tasted it since childhood: a unique expression that seems strange and different, yet is entirely necessary.

It is creative, it is spiritual. And your job is purely to express it––fully.

The more you look away from the material world that you “see” and look inwards towards that thing, the more you desire to cultivate those special talents that have been given to you, the more courage you have to speak honestly and express your truth, the louder that restless voice inside you speaks, and the easier it will be for you to share your gift with the world.

Your “job” is simply to love and be passionate and create.

That’s it.

And in doing so, you inspire others to look within themselves and do the same.

Then, and only then, do we evolve as people.

That’s how we move the world forward. And that’s the kind of world I want to see.

Let us begin.

focus apl american president lines obi okorougoI keep this pin near me while I work.

It belonged to my dad, and I found it in one of his old suitcases while I was reading letters written to him from friends and family and ex-girlfriends overseas.

Apparently, he was fast.

So fast that he came to the United States in the 70s to train for the Olympics. His goal was to represent Nigeria in track & field.

He was focused.

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Obi Okorougo The Epic Life Personal Development Self HelpI grew up on superheroes and professional wrestling.

Even as a kid, something in me was attracted to the larger-than-life.

I saw characters achieve big things…

Say whatever was on their mind…

Decide not to go into work because they felt like it.

They were completely themselves, with an aura about them that said, “Fuck that, pay me.”

And sure, I knew it was fake but…

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Five years ago I snuck into the Grammy Awards.

I was supposed to have been invited but things don’t always work out as planned.

It all started a year before that when I wrote in my journal: “Next year I’ll be at the Grammys.” (You’ve got to really be careful about the things you write in your journal. If you’re an action oriented person, they may just happen.)

My being at the Grammys was less about my desire to hob-knob with rock stars and more about my relentless drive to always do what I say that I’ll do, to be courageous in the face of my fears, and to live my Life with authority. If you do anything with enough authority, the world will take you seriously.

The following is a brief account of what happened.
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Robert McKee has been teaching creators of all kinds for most of his adult life. In a recent interview about storytelling, he offered a statement that literally paused me. (I’ve replaced his words “write” with “create” because his answer can be used for artists of all mediums.)

“Beyond imagination and insight, the most important component of talent is perseverance – the will to [create] and [recreate] in pursuit of perfection. Therefore, when inspiration sparks the desire to [create], the artist immediately asks: Is this idea so fascinating, so rich in possibility, that I want to spend months, perhaps years, of my life in pursuit of its fulfillment? Is this concept so exciting that I will get up each morning with the hunger to [create]? Will this inspiration compel me to sacrifice all of life’s other pleasures in my quest to perfect its telling? If the answer is no, find another idea. Talent and time are a [creator]’s only assets. Why give your life to an idea that’s not worth your life?

Why give your life to an idea that’s not worth your life?

Love it.

Here’s to the creators.

To say that Friedrich Nietzsche has influenced my thinking would be quite the understatement. Many of my ideas on self-creation have been inspired by his Philosophies, especially his concept of the Übermensch.

The Uberman is a progression of his original idea. But there’s much confusion as to what the Übermensch was all about (especially after the Nazis had their way with it). So let’s explore what Nietzsche had in mind when he first “spoke” of his Philosophy and also review the supreme differences between Nietzsche’s version of the Uberman and my own.

Here are a few of them:
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I went through my oldest journal recently. It’s big & black, with gaffer tape supporting the spine, full of well-used pages, magazine clippings and questions. It inspires the hell out of me. The journal and the questions. Which is the subject of this post: questions, or rather the asking of proper ones.

Without questions there can be no answers. So both the wise person and the seeker of wisdom must ask good questions. Great questions. Questions that make your skin flush and the hairs on your arm rise to attention.

I went through the beast (my journal) and pulled out the questions that moved me. Questions that paused me. Questions that dared something deep within me to present itself.

So in turn I do the same with you. I dare you to answer these questions. In fact I double dare you. And if we really want to make this interesting, I’ll present a physical challenge: answer them (no doubt) and then act. Do it. Live Your Answer.

I dare you.

10 Questions That Will Absolutely Change Your Life:
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