Make yourself.

That’s how this begins.

You look deep inside to your infinity, and you grab hold of that one idea that gives you juice, that one restless feeling that you’ve been numbing yourself to for oh-so-long.

And you say,

“Fuck fear. Fuck what the world thinks. This is how I’m going to live my life.”

And you begin.

Enter the Uberman.

The Uberman is not a person; it’s an idea.

The idea is this:

We are superheroes. Not all of us know it yet, but it’s your job—YOUR. JOB.—to be the spark that sets the world on fire. You do that by setting yourself on fire.

Boom. (Explosions.)

Your personality—shitty.

Your job—whack.

If you still think about what you do as a job then it’s not for you. If you’re still afraid of being honest because you want to protect this personality that you think defines you…stop it.

Stop. It.

Forget about everything else and grab hold of that restless feeling.

Be courageous. Be loving. Be pure. Be sexual. Be creative—because they’re all the same thing.

You. Are. A superhero.

And your superpower is enlightenment.

When you step into the world with the energy of a hero, of a courageous soul who is not afraid of being a visionary or of saying the uncommon thing, then you give life to every man and woman that you touch—physically or emotionally—you save them from their self-imposed mediocrity, you save them from themselves.

You ignite their superpower, their art, their vision, and this sets off a chain of awesome.

Booooooom. (More explosions.)

Drop everything that no longer serves you. Everything. The shitty people included. If they’re not awake now then they’ll wake up somewhere along the chain.

This is a call to creation.

It’s time to recreate your life. Live the life that you’ve imagined.

You are the artwork, the composer and the composition. Make your life the symphony.

Make yourself.

Begin now.

The world has been waiting for you.