To all the girls and guys I love (everyone):

I hope this letter fucks “you” up.

. . .

On May 16th, 2012, my Life changed forever. My Mom—bless her soul—the last of my parents still breathing, passed away…one week after I didn’t call her on mothers day. I was sad, and numbing myself with a blunt, stuck in my head, overthinking things as I usually do when I’m overcome with emotion. And before I could apologize, she was gone…

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You may be surprised to find out that you have a lot of personal power hidden in the cracks, left unused in the spaces between things. In fact, all power resides in the space separating thought, and emotion, and in the gap between emotion and action.

For example, music isn’t in the notes you hear, but in the space between the notes. The difference between a clod and a genius on the piano is the difference in their ability to manipulate the subtle spaces between the tones.

A six year old kid plays the piano in a steady monotone—there is no rhythm and the notes come at expected intervals. She could be playing Chopin but you wouldn’t know it. The maestro at 60 years old creates art in the silence. There is a syncopation to her playing, tones are coming in and out of existence, she depresses the pedals at just the right time, creates longing in the dramatic pauses, and then fulfills you with rushes of harmony. It’s the same piece but the genius makes exquisite use of the space between the tones and this creates all the emotions the composer intended—and more.

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“The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.”Anonymous

Detachment has been an underlying theme of my year. I’ve had challenges with emotional attachment to my work and this has created great opportunities to practice involved detachment. But before discussing detachment, let’s review what emotional attachment is.


Emotional attachment is the strong emotional association between your identity and the object of your attachment. This means that the line between who you are and what another person or thing is has been blurred, often leading to disastrous results.
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