The Uberman Project is an exercise of action and life:
one must give value to their existence by behaving as if one’s very existence were a work of art.

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I’m Going to Help You Transform

They say that the best way to teach is not to preach, but to demonstrate.

The truth is, I couldn’t preach to you if I tried, I wouldn’t know what to say and you wouldn’t believe me.

I do not have any answers for you. I am not here to show you “the way”. I am not perfect.

What I am is passionate about transformation. I’m passionate about creation. I’m passionate about making things, most especially, sculpting my character and creating the life that I see when I close my eyes at night or during some deep meditation.

I will share the tips, tricks, and ideas that I’ve discovered for doing just that––making yourself––on this website, regularly.

So instead of wasting your time searching the Internets for this stuff, you can just come here and I’ll give you what you need. :)

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I am Obi Okorougo.

This is me looking all pensive and philosophical. (Trust me, I actually smile quite a bit.)

I’ve always been into comic books, so I see my greatest self as something of a superhero: powerfulcreativeselfless.

The Uberman is the expression of that.

But I am not the Uberman, there are many of them living amongst us. They are those that see themselves as pieces of art, and are consciously creating their lives into perfect expressions of that idea.

TheUberman.com is for now and future Ubermen and Uberwomen.